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Photography Gurus... How do I take a picture like this? Answered

The subject matter is clear and crisp... the background is blurry and out-of-focus. 
Is it the result of camera setting, a photo editor... or???


Also available as a special effect in photoeditors.....

YAY!  This is exactly what I needed to do!

I started playing with the special effects filters on Photoscape (great, FREE software, btw) and this is one of them.  

The difference in the before and after pictures is subtle but effective.  Best of all... it's so darn EASY!

Thanks to everyone for answering. I really learned a lot.


You need a camera that has manual options. As said wide aperture to reduce the depth of field, good lighting and i would recommend a light tent anyway to give a white background.

We old school types just fade away......

Still using film? Only just a few weeks ago got rid of my enlarger. Sad to see it go.

Sorry for withdrawing "best answer". I have no idea how that happened. I didn't "click" on it... and, no... I'm not cRaZy. ;-)


6 years ago

It is accomplished using a wide aperture and often a long lens. This shortens the distance that the lens is in focus, which, as the other answer tells you, is called depth of field. A small aperture, (an aperture is the hole that lets light in) (you might also think of it as an iris being closed down), causes light to focus over a longer distance. It has to do with the effect of the light bending at the edges of the iris barrier. This is what a pin hole camera does. It has no lens, only a small pin hole which acts as a lens because of the light bending. The larger the hole, the less it focuses the light so the shorter the distance over which the lens is in focus. Using a telephoto lens (a long lens) also shortens the depth of field due to the optic properties . Combining the 2 effects can create the kind of picture you are looking at.

+1... also, zoom far in to the object that you want in focus as you can... do a manual focus, then zoom back out to frame your photo. There you have it! (Depth Of Field)

Do a web search on "Depth of field" it will explain it all :-)