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Photography contest? Answered

Ermm I've noticed a real nuisance with the photography contest, so far the majority of what I've seen is 'how to take a professional photo' the problem is everyone's suddenly become a professional photographer overnight... I don't mean to offend those that are by the way... My big gripe is the fact that there's not as much variation on these, like the pocket contest varied far and wide but everyone has seemingly made the same instructable... On the upside there will no longer be any really bad photos about the place. I just want to see some more variations...


This is a judged contest so we'll be rewarding Instructables that go beyond buying a digital camera and going outside to shoot photos.

The way I read the rules was that the judging is based on photo experts from Photojojo and votes. How does that work out? Are only the top-voted Instructables considered?

It was more the fact that they all had the same subject, most of them have decent tips... I think that the contest will be very dull otherwise, I'm working on a couple of entries including setting up your own darkroom but it's fairly overrun with the same thing...

Again, it's only been a few days and even if someone did the same topic, there's plenty of room for improvement.

Aww, you spoil everything. I was going to write up one entitled:

Three easy tips on how to make a great photograph using what you have for amazing shots at least halfway decent, as well as panaroma, and some basic techniques for adding what you want to them.


and you're like, you're like...all grown up n stuff huh, huh ? LOL BTW: I wasn't sure if you noticed, but my proposed "title" of the instructable I was not going to write, was pulled from many of those already posted ;-)

I did that's why I've been calling you a child... Eh we probably had this conversation before, I am incredibly childish, so much so that I find the need to have a selection of jet engines on my desk, however that makes me calling people childish very amusing for me.

I see. Well, my "desk collection" ranges from 30-06 shell casings to McDonald's toys, so I have a broader spectrum I suppose LOL

Oddly I have a mcdonalds toy a kinder egg toy and a raping clockwork robot, along with cans of lighter fuel, beer and for some completely unknown reson a single anti-bac wipe, hung on a bottle of vodka... Oooooh and gum from italy and three types of polo mints I'm having too much fun writing about my desk...

It's really hard not to re-do the same topic over and over. Taking photos is an art, and like art, it's kinda hard to teach. After reading this, I realize that my instructable is kinda just like everyone else's that have been posted into the contest. I know absolutely nothing about cameras and all of the terms and phrases that go with taking photos, but I know how to take a decent photo when I need to, so I tried to tell people what I do while I'm taking photos. I'll leave the fancy terms and whatnot to people who know what they mean. I hear what you're saying though, it's all about people claiming to go from bad to pro within one instructable.

I'm not saying you did bad instructable, I too thought and ungarbled and simple instructable for photography was a good idea and made one a while back.

Yea I saw that too, there were a lot of "How to take a great photograph" instructables. It would be cool if they could go into detail on one of their tips.