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Photos for every day in January Answered

My entries for AngryRedHead's challenge.

I am also uploading them here.

Up to date as of 16th Jan 2011


So get outside and start taking pictures for March, instead of sitting on your lazy butt typing.

Update bump - 16th Jan.

Hey, wait - what is this?!


It doesn't start automatically, nor change the picture just as I'm reading the image notes, but I can still click convenient "back" and "next" buttons.

YAY! I'm posting any slideshow-like projects this way, now - stats be darned!


Oh - it didn't look like that last night!

That is very cool - I wonder if multi-shot Instructable steps look like that as well?

Is that picture of "Jenny" ensnared in a trap, restrained in some way so you can nurse a rescued bird, a mini-falcon or just the random coincidental placement of objects in your composition? Rarely do wild birds survive as pets, I know, as a kid, we tried to keep a sparrow that flew in the house.

Mini falcon? Very mini - it's a wren.

Trap? No, that's just some string holding up the remains of a sweetpea plant.

Reminds me, need to upload yesterdays photos, was dog tired by the time I got in...