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Photoshop Skills Answered

Show off your Photoshop skills here! Anything cool you can do in Photoshop, post it! Here are a few things I did with Photoshop 7.
Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Please share. :)

How do you like the last one? It's my favorite. :)

I'll also put up the PSD files for these images if you like.


That's awesome! I liked your old Instructables image better, but awesome job(s)!

Really? Hmmm...

How do you like the cubed apple?

photoshop and I use vectors to do all the main line work and stuff and then rasterize it into the image...

Whoa! Man, you've done a lot. You're really good! I like the crazy industrial thing one.

Cheers mate... Liking your stuff, especially the 1up mobile, I made an 'ible on the industrial one... it's probably my favourite along with the one of me and my then gf at the time.


Reply 10 years ago

Those are really nice. How did you do the strawberry cube?


Reply 10 years ago

I made my own. Check this out:

Apple Cube - Shadowed.tif

Here are some of mine.

Carrots Do Bleed.jpgPlug Socket.jpgSkull & Cross Bones.jpgTower.jpgWires Logo.jpgicon.jpg

Those are neat. I always wondered how to make vector graphics...

. I'm impressed. You ought to use the last one as your avatar.

Not a bad suggestion. I think I'll crop out a bit and use the rest...