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An Intro to Photoshop: My Tutorial List and Suggestions Answered

Edit: I have moved this from photography to Tech because you have to have a computer, which is tech, and Photoshop or Gimp (not tech, but software). If you think I've put this in the wrong catagory, please suggest the correct one in the comments. I would put this under a software tab if there were any.

Would any one be interested if I made photoshop tutorials based on ideas given in the comments?

Ex: Make a retro background for (insert college of choice).
Ex: Make a B&W poster for an upcoming event, grungy

I would then (possibly, depending on feedback) make a tutorial of how I made your suggestion as well as post a high resolution finished product.

I'm self taught in the art of photoshop so I am by no means a professional.
I've added a few of my recent works just to give you an idea (I got the second idea from a tutorial...)

Also, if you feel you have or know of a good photoshop/gimp instructable, feel free to suggest it and I may add a link to it in the main thread.

-Photoshop 101: What You Need to Know!
(goes over the basics of Photoshop, includes the use and description of many tools)
-Photoshop Basics: A Building Banner
(goes over the basics of photo manipulation and techniques, includes detailed instructions on how to use more complicated tools)



7 years ago

Since many people commented on how detailed I described the tools in the building banner photoshop, I decided to make a new Instructable with the sole purpose of explaining and demonstrating the basic tools of Photoshop. I call it Photoshop 101

It even has its own logo! I may make more advanced additions to this Instructable once I recover from the all nighter that I pulled creating this one.

Also, I don't use Gimp, so if someone could confirm or deny if this is similar to Gimp in the Instructable comments, I would greatly appreciate it.


use GIMP photo editor; its completely free, and quite similar. I also know of an in-browser editor which I can't seem to remember the name of. I'll get back to you on it.

I got my version for free because I downloaded it from my college software website. Although I hear Gimp is nearly the same, except less refined. Did I mention it's free?

Buy a slightly-out-of-date edtion.

I just looked on ebay.com, and Photoshop elements v7 can be had for under $20, v8 for around $40.

Hello! Followed your link and here I am... What would be cool is if you did a tutorial on explosions and creating them in photoshop. I would appreciate it (even sending me a message on how to do it) to spell words out of different objects and textures. (such as fire, clouds, etc.)

There is a detailed tutorial at THIS website. It isn't as detailed as my tutorial(s), but it should be easy enough to follow.


(Love the first image, by the way. You could start with how you made that one.)