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Photoshop brushes? Answered

I need a brush that has a basic shape, like a leaf: an oval with two points. I also need it to alternate between several shades of green. How hard would this be? I want it to alternate automatically. I'm using this to kind of do a "weeping willow" effect.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Go to Window>Brush>Color Dynamics

Keep the hue jitter low, and mess around with the other jitter settings. Every time you click or drag, you should get a different color.

As for the brush...

Agreed, however I can't say i care much for the settings. You really don't get the tones you want. I find it a lot easier to color pick but if Ifidium7 finds this useful, that's the main thing. :)

There are a ton of free available brushes online, and many types of foliage to choose from... however, you need to understand how brushes work. They are like paint brushes. You can have a fancy brush, but it won't just "magically" change colors for you... You need to select the brush + the color you want = click where you want foliage to show up. You have control over the brushes by size and positioning (and a few more complex features you probably don't need), but NO, they do not alternate colors automatically. (BTW, I use PS for a living).