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Photoshop digital art, needing advice with detail. Answered

Hello all, Ive begun to crack into digital art in photoshop. This is mainly refering to painting and not manipulating photos. Im not having much trouble with lighting or coloring. My main issue is with Texture and detail. I can make shapes and lighting and coloring but that all means nothing if it doesnt have any texture. So any and all advice within these regards would be awesome. and i will be starting on grass and nature and im trying to make high quality photos so if you have any advice on ground texturizing (like grass or trees) you can also help me out there.
-Thank you for taking time to read this, Liam


Hi Liam,

Start with: Window > Brushes

You'll see a number of options that you can adjust in customizing how brushes behave and you can save them as new "presets". There are also MANY others available online for free that have unique shapes and characteristics. Once you explore all the options, you'll see that you have a lot more flexibility in getting the results you are after.

Thank you, do you think that will help with the characteristics of each object i try to make. and if so are there other ways i can help bring out those characteristics? like would that help do distinguish how wood looks compared to cloth?

If you're working with shapes, you can utilize the styles by adding shading (whether inner or outer shadows) and using a combination of textures (from the presets, or by downloading more), and with gradient fills. You have to adjust the "blending mode" on textures over color in order for the textures to appear.

The other thing is to keep in mind that working with photoshop is all about layers. When I do custom graphics, I can end up with dozens if not into the hundreds of layers depending on the complexity of the image. When you layer specific regions, you start to build a lot more texture and blending.

So for a wood grain or cloth, I would build the main shape first and then build layers over that for shadows, texture and color all separately, all locked to the main shape with a clipping mask. This allows you a greater amount of control and editing (if necessary).

everyhting you said makes sense, thank you so much for your help