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Photoshop is Awesome Answered

My friend has Photoshop, and he is awesome with it. Here is a picture of what he did. That is me on the bike.


It is really wonderful.

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Yes! photoshop is the world lergest photo editing software.

Photoshop support is very good for my job

Agreed. Photoshop is brilliant! :-)

I do like PhotoShop but I think real art and photographs are better. :)

ya really it is amazing picks

I don't know whats better... Photoshop or Paint.Net?

i guessing that since one costs, alot, and people still use it more, then,

definitely too much blur with relation to the background...also looks more like a Gaussian blur than a motion blur

It looks cool, i used it to make a vid of my mate with a stick look like he was holding a lightsaber!!!! (will show you when i get it from other computer)


10 years ago

You could do this with a normal Camera too.

lol; it's a com program, not camera! could do with any camera, as long as both images are same resolution!

looks like it has been blurred to cover up choppy rendering. decrease the blur and it would look awesome. :D

Yeah, I agree. He probably blurred it up because teh majick wand tool didn't pick everything properly. Grab the eraser tool and get to work!

Try the magnetic lasso and follow up with the selection brush, also blur the edges just by a few pixels to make it blend in to the picture.

thats cool. what also works well is if you make a copy of the image behind it. slightly (only tinyly) enlarge the behind image and gaussian blur them. it will make the edges look smoother.

Actually it was blurred so it would like I was moving.

fair enough but any professional designer will tell you that blur is the opposite direction to go :)

I didn't even make this pic, my friend did.

i know :) im not saying its bad i was just pointing it out sorry if i caused any harm.

? Looks artificial, it needs work.

What did he do?

He cut me out of one picture and put me in the other.

Cool Trick!