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Photoshopped? No, but can you do better? Deadline coming. Answered

When I first saw it, this sinkhole image looked photoshopped to me (original story here).

It turned out to be legitimate, but air.command suggested adding a Silver Surfer to the image.

I did (see below), and quite liked it.

So, I have decided to open up another photo-editing contest.

You can either...
  • Add something to an image of a real sinkhole (or other hole in the ground) - what caused it?  What's climbing out or falling in?
  • Put a sinkhole somewhere interesting
  • Do both - add a sinkhole to a scene, then put something else in the hole.

Use any source images you like, but images that involve classic projects will be more likely to win the Silver Surfer patch I have just created.

I will also put all entries together to make a slideshow as well.

EDIT: This contest ends June 30th, midnight GMT


There might be another one coming, if I can find the right source images, I forgot that certain search terms just give you pages of Japanese pr0n instead of real images...

sarlacc sinkhole.jpg

Weird, I got a Patch notification via PM, but no email for this comment. Thanks! I like your Photomashops contests, I can usually think of ideas for them. :D

Deadline approaching - 27.5 hours to go.

I'd like enough images to make a decent slideshow.

This contest ends June 30th, midnight GMT


8 years ago

juust a bit^^


8 years ago

Wait! Don't close the contest yet! I'm getting my computer back in a few days and it has photoshop on it. I'm not allowed to download any programs to the computer I'm using now.

Close it?

It's barely open - only one entry so far.  The rest of the images are just me playing.

*Phew* I thought since it's been a few days, maybe you had closed it.

I think the third picture should be put up as the first, it doesn't make much sense the way it is...

Here's a blog entry about the sinkhole, along with a slightly more vertical view.

The whole topic has been re-written to become a patch contest.


8 years ago

Agreeing that it's not photoshopped. I saw it on the back of a newspaper and was astonished. I blame the C.H.U.D.S....

There's too many photos from too many angles for a Photoshop job, and Guatemala City has a reputation for eating itself...this is from a 300-ft sinkhole in February 2007.


But it's so neat and even, parallel sides all the way down...?

I don't do vertical holes.  If that were on it's side, it would be useful for the LHC...

.  My thoughts exactly. But as others have pointed out, many sinkholes, both in GC and elsewhere in the World, look like that.

Although it's not photoshopped, someone SHOULD photoshop in a Silver Surfer in the very least! :)

The two images on the site don't add up to me...

Its 100% NOT a photoshop job,

see we are so distanced from the true awesomeness of nature, when we actually see it we cant believe it.

OMG LOL THE SHADOWS ARE ALL WRONG !!1!!!!!1111 (i had to)

Not to mention the reflections, like honestly; if I was flying over that I could so easily tell it was a shop.


8 years ago

brings to mind this particular comic: http://xkcd.com/331/
it does indeed look extremely fake.