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Physics Competition Car Design Answered

Hey Everybody, I'm new to the community here, and i am hoping that with so many great minds on this site, some great ideas will be generated. the deal is, for a competition, my school needs to build a small car, around 1foot by 1foot, and it is propelled by three average sized rubber bands, it need to travel three meters straight, make a 90 degree right turn on the spot and travel 2 meters to stop in a parking zone, it has to turn and do the whole course unaided, Any great ideas? Thanks for helping me out


i think ive got the idea worked out, it will require the use of a friction pin to turn the wheel, im going to do some initial designs and post them as the progress continues

You have three bands because you have three actions to do - move, turn, move.

Use one band to drive the car forwards 60cm. Reaching that point triggers the turn mechanism, powered by the second band, and reaching 90o triggers the third band to drive forwards again.

Without actually making one myself, though (because I tend to make these things up as I go along), I can't be much more help.

(Aren't you working in a team??)

yes, i do think that each band will have to carry out a single function, but its the distance measuring trigger that is harder to figure out, the same goes for the turning mechanism, and finally, it has to stop in a parking zone (not carried away by momentum) if you got ideas on how the physical structure of the triggers can be, let me know thanks guys!

This sounds similar to this earlier forum topic.

im sorry, but move a penny is simple (you can even use gravity), this car can only contract the ground. and needs to travel exact without going over/under.