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Pi Tau Sigma Answered

So I got an invitation to join. Any members? I read the wiki article, not terribly illuminating. Like to know more before I join up.


Post Traumatic Stress? Yeah, that DOES look good on a resume!

I was a member as an undergrad. I've forgotten all the secrets, though.

Hey, that's cool. Mind if I lord that fact over the other users? This chapter is a bit of a mess, all the officers are "pro tem" as there were only a bare handful of members, so since they inducted ten people tonight, tripling their membership, they'll be having elections next month, maybe.

. Probably worth the $30 just to have an honor society on your resume.

Agreed - it's a subtle way of saying you were in the top so many percent of your class.

Well, I decided to join now I get to look forward to spending the next 2 hours in a conference room. ;-(. Ah weel ,the sacrifices we make for our careers.