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Piano Stairs/Floor Answered

Hi all!
Just saw the infamous "piano stairs" video by Mitsubishi (see below), and I couldn't help but think there would be a relatively easy way to do this yourself without a ridiculous budget.
Any ideas on how this could be done? I thought some sort of infrared sensor would be cheaper than a pressure sensor like in the video, and could be connected to a computer or device with speakers, or maybe a speaker for every stair with a simple circuit. Then again, I haven't a clue about anything DIY.

Any ideas?



2 years ago

Our company ( http://www.thePianoStairs.com ) is developing piano stairs in all over the world. We recommend neither infrared sensors nor pressure sensors.

What do you recommend instead?

Using infrared sensors instead of pressure triggers is a great idea --less wear and tear, especially in that high-traffic setting. Perhapshouse them in transparent cases in a recess in the wall, to protect theelectronics. You'll probably want to consult an Instructable about usingan Arduino to read the infrared interrupts as notes, like on an electrickeyboard. Reverse-engineering it shouldn't be that difficult.

.  +1. Trip hazard problems would be much less without the sensor pads. If the IR sensors can be embedded in the walls, there will be zero trip hazard.

Depends what you use for pressure sensors. You could put cheap strain gauges under the stairs, if you have access for example.

I am actually thinking about finding a casio keyboard and just adding the needed wires to shock sensors in the florr. then they can turn it off/ on and change the sounds as well. My mom loves to play the piano and will undoubtedly use my stepfather to help her play chords(that sounds wrong when i type it but oh well..)

Search instructables for the many DDR video game dance pad footcontrollers.  That should give you some ideas for large scalepressure switches on the cheap.  I have always wanted to make thegiant piano they played on the movie BIG with Tom Hanks at FAOSchwartz.  Good luck.

good i dea, i made a joke about getting a set for my mom in thier new home ad now she and my step father wants one. So i am going to have to deliver.