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Pic Basics Answered

is there a website to learn about how to use picmicro's really easily? I realize that there are some instructables about it, but to be honest they arn't very helpful. For example, I have no clue what the crystal does, why you need it, how to hook it up, and how much voltage they need because I need to buy some.



10 years ago

Starting with PICMicro Controllers
WinPICProg Tutorials (I like this one; I designed a series of PCBs for the hardware involved]
[http://techtrain.microchip.com/masters2004/(kgmnvafutocq2355egt11231)/downloads/classes/801/801.htm Microchips Intro tutorial] from their 2004 user conference.

But I think you're worrying about the wrong things; you don't need to know exactly what the crystal does, beyond "magic part that makes the PIC run at the right speed." Pick a basic board-level project from one of the sites listed, and worry first about the programming...

also, why doesn't the blinking led throwie instructable not have an ososilator? I would post a link but I'm using my iPod touch right now.

1) Crystals usually don't have voltages. Perhaps you're looking at the "crystal oscillators", which you don't really need with a PIC. For most applications, I prefer a "ceramic resonator", or to use the internal oscillator (see (2)) 2) Many of the newer microcontrollers have a built-in oscillator (not as accurate as a crystal, but plenty good for blinking an LED.) This saves pins (especially on 6 and 8 pin micros) a reduces costs.

does the voltage for the crystal matter, I don't know which ones to buy on mouser, should I just get the 5 volt ones?

thanks goodhart, but I still didnt really learn anything