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PicProgrammer Answered

does anybody know of a schematic to program an 8 pin picmicro controller such as: 12F675 12F508 Just those specifically because they're 8 pin and I have them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but one of those 2 has 8 I/O ports, which leads to a lot of possiblities for a small area. Also this will be my first real pic project.



10 years ago

You'll find some more info here : http://pikdev.free.fr/
(look into "hardware", you'll find some schematic)

Personally, I use the parallel port programmer described on this site.
It does work well with 12F675.
Though, I don't know if there are Windows software compatible with this programmer ...
If you have Linux, PiKdev works fine and is easy to use