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Picaxe 08m starts randomly blinking? Answered

I program my picaxe turn it on and it runs sweet for about ~20s and then after perfect operation the led that was on starts blinking and it then doesn't respond to any thing? The function of this program was to turn an led when the readabc from an input is under 100. when i connect the +ve to the input it makes the debugger say 255 but then it doesn't get any new debug data some times all the other variables change as well and its real erratic. Any reasons why this may be happening?



if you have a noisy power supply it can cause the chip to become erratic or if you have any motors hooked up you can get "noise" off them as well!!! have you checked that it is not a software bug? check every line and make sure you have an apostrophe before each "comment" or else the computer will not ignore it it will include it as part of the code!!! if all else fails you could try asking on the picaxe forum because there are some picaxe "pros" on there and also the technical consultant!!!! hope this helped!!! cm

Hmm i think it must be the power supply i test it later. It is running on 3x AA battery's and up to this point their has never been the problem with it.

Are you using the suggested circuit for programming? When the PicAxe is operating, pin 2 of the chip should always be tied to 0V (through a resistor). If this isn't done, noise on this pin can make the PicAxe think it's about to be re-programmed and all sorts of strange things can happen. Also, try putting a 0.1 microfarad capacitor across the power lines near the chip.

That's no a lot of information to go on.
Please describe what else is attached to the PICAXE,
A photo would help. What is the power supply etc.