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Pickle Boat with 49cc motor? Answered

Making a pickle boat for the kid.  Boat is made out of PVC and 55 gallon plastic barrel.  I've got a 49cc two stroke engine laying around I want to throw on it.  It's one of those motors that come off a pocket bike or stand up gas scooter. Anyhow, any thoughts on how to use it. I'd like to do a direct drive propulsion setup but I don't know what size propeller I would use. I could make a trolling motor out of it but I don't imagine it would work to well without stalling the motor.  I'm sure it would rust out as well.  So my questions......

49cc two stroke motor, what size prop do I use for a propulsion (fan) like setup?

If I put it under water, what size prop do I use for that?  

Links would be amazing.  Thanks guys!



Answer 2 years ago


Thanks for the link. I've seen this before but don't have the information to fill in the bubbles. I mean it's a 55 gallon plastic barrel sitting on riggers to two 4"x36" PVC pips. Those pips are attached to two outside 4"x48" PVC filled with air to 60 or so PSI. Not very big or overtly heavy. My kid is about 100 pounds.

As I said above I'm using a 49cc motor. The link to something similar is posted above. Just going to do a 1 to 1 ration with a clutch drum mounted to a drive shaft. Just need to know what prop to put on the end of the shaft!!



2 years ago

One good option would be to use the drive train of a scooter.
These "automatic gearboxes" transfer the power and speed based on the load and speed of the engine.
A prop from a 5HP outboard should be about the rigt size.


Answer 2 years ago

The motor I have is this: http://www.monsterscooterparts.com/49encowielst.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAr4vBBRCG36e415-_l1wSJAAatjJZx32qsMBsDoxf3qaEcZW7nH7KpBYbkpEm0yyVkQWkYRoCXcLw_wcB

If you notice it already has the clutch in it. I'm just going to take a clutch drum and weld it to a drive shaft. At the end of the shaft I'll put the propeller. That gives it a 1 to 1 ratio.