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Pico ITX diy UMPC, a few questions to get started with Answered

I am an experienced PC builder, but recently I have been thinking about a project using a pico itx board to make sort of an umpc thing, I'm just looking for some place to start with the LCD and the battery. Does anyone know of any guides to OEM lcds how to install them, and the same for picking proper batteries? thanks for your help.



9 years ago

Hi, i am planning on a similar project. Some mini-itx sites also cary small lcd well suited for the job. It depend on the size of your mini-pc. I was thinking about a 7 inch display as a minimum for me, but at 7 inch i could get a mini-itx... Maybe we could help each other. As far as battery goes, try to look for robots building project. I am going to try making a battery pack consisting of many nimh batteries. Good luck


10 years ago

I don't really know about LCDs, but this is a good power supply.

Robot Marketplace has some good Li-Po stuff, but it's kind of expensive.

Sounds like a great project!