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Pictures Answered

Why can't I see the extra pictures on each page.  I get the main picture but if there are extra ones underneath that picture, when I click on them, they do not show up.  Is this because I am a free member?


Please post here if you're experiencing this problem. We're trying to consolidate all of these errors to one thread so we can keep better track, and try to figure out how to reproduce it on our computers, so we know what needs to be fixed.

Moved to Bugs. This is a new problem that has been reported by a number of users. It's not because you're a "free" member. Both paid and free members are seeing the problem, with different browsers (which one do you use?), but others are not.

Its happening again. I cleared my cache and it still won't show the thumbnails. It was fixed but now its the same thing.

Hello, I have the same problem since 15 days ago, I'm on XP, IE 8.06 and whenever I clic the small pics to enlarge them, nothing happens


well, it was fixed but now its happening again. what gives?

Hello, I have the same problem with firefox on windows Vista and windows 2k, if you put the mouse pointer on the image you get eg: https://www.instructables.com/id/RGBike-POV-Open-project//#images but no access.

Please read StumpChunkman's post above, and follow his request.

Unable to upload pictures for new i'bles since 15 september 2010. I am able to write the steps but when i want to upload from "the new flash based uploader" -- nothing shows up !!

even library or flicker tabs, when pressed, nothing happens !!

there are so many contests, so pl hurry and FIX THESE PROBLEMS !!


This is a different problem, and one that noone else has reported. Please create a new forum topic under Bugs, and include your browser, version, and operating system.

Have you got your Adobe Flash updated to the latest version? Usually when you do a browser update, that stuff happens automatically.

same problem. i've only noticed it the last few days. Running win xp sp3. tried both IE8. and Fire fox 3.6.9.

Could you repost this comment as requested in StumpChunkman's comment above? Thanks!

Same problem is it the site.. or my account

Please read StumpChunkman's post above, and follow his request.

Cant veiw the pictures and I am running Windows Vista. I cant see the pictures on Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Having The Same Issue. Mac OS X 10.6.5 Google Chrome 6.0.472

I've been having the same problem on win vista(belive me I KNOW) firefox and internet explorer

I have been using Firefox, IE, and even tried using Safari from Apple, nothing works.


7 years ago

Same situation. Brand new member so I never got to use it when it was working. Makes me sad!
Firefox, btw

same here, and i have tried FF and chrome and nither of them can show the pics am running WinXP SP3 and the latest FF and Chrome !

having the same issue: Using Firefox 3.6.9 on XP SP3

im getting the same problem using win 7 64bit and firefox. thought it was flash but i just updated and still no love. :(

I'm seeing the same thing here. Using latest version of Chrome on Win XP.

I'm having the same problem using Windows 7 64-bit and Firefox. It's annoying cause I can't build anything without pictures.