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Pictures cut off Answered

I started writing a new Instructable and noticed that when I use the preview function the pictures are cut off and therefore weirdly off centre. For some of the pictures it doesn't really matter, but some like I said look weird (as shown in the pictures). I don't see why there is a need to cut the pictures.

Is this just an error and will it look better once the instructables is published?


The images should not be cut off once published, but if they are please let us know. There are some new image rules being tested that will roll out soon, and the preview mode will get an update to make sure that what we see there is correct and not chopped like this.

I'm pretty sure it has always been like this, even before the update some pictures would get cut out/cropped. But I can't find this issue on any of my I'bles now...

Interesting, now that you say that I remember that it has happened to me before as well, but I can't find the ible it has happened to, either. On this one sometimes when I reload the ible the pictures are cropped and sometimes not... Not sure what is triggering it.

Could you publish it privately, and then look at it ?

I have mistaken ibles and cannot delete them..