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Pictures of Instructables Show and Tell at Yuri's Night Answered

The Instructables Show and Tell at Bay Area Yuri's Night was awesome! Check out these pictures of our booth (since I was running the Show and Tell, I unfortunately didn't manage to get any pictures during the actual showing!), and an abbreviated list of presenters:

Christy shared some knitting she's been working on
Billy showed his Bratz Knife Block, which was the most photographed project we brought
Randy demonstrated an amalgamation of found electronics that I didn't quite get because he's on a higher artistic plan than I could ever imagine
Patrik brought some gorgeous wooden bowls he just finished
Cory and Eric from Orbswarm drove one of their spherical robots all around
Robin shared some of her steel jewelry
Tim gave a member of the audience with no prior experience a 30 second guitar lesson, teaching them more than 300 songs!
Rose and Mike from HomeBrew Robotics Club brought a flame-extinguishing robot
Ed demonstrated some instant office golf holes
Noah presented the world's largest light bright (or at least close there to)
and, a bunch of others shared their cool stuff.



10 years ago

Hey all - I finally posted a slideshow of the bowls I brought to the Show-n-Tell. Should show up soon (although there seems to be a problem with the image captions):

My first woodturning project(s)

Oh, and I've also posted some more non-Instructables-related pics of Yuri's Night on More Yuri's Night Pics.

Wow Very Cool! Just wondering did you make the robot cut out or did you purchase it? Also I would love a few instructables about the light bright and or guitar stuff. This is amazing! Is instructables going to have a booth at the make faire? Thanks Joe

We made the robot, and Instructables for all the projects are coming. We're planning an even bigger booth for Maker Faire.

Cool! Sounds Great! I am flying out to the make faire (from Wisconsin). It is going to be so cool! Are you bring the laser cutter again like last year? Thanks

Cool!!! Sounds Great! Can I bring a water bottle and image on a flash drive and can you guys laser etch it? Thanks so much!

Awesome! I got to go to the HQ yesterday, so I'll post a forum topic soon. I took a picture with the wooden robot. ;-) And Eric, is that the Lite-Brite thing you guys were trying to show me yesterday? Awesome!

Oh that looks like so much fun. I loved the light-brite robot in picture 3 and the pacman in picture 4. Way cool stuff guys.

Um..this might just be firefox, but when I click on the other pictures, It redirects me back to the top of the post!

It's an image problem with them. They're working on it.


10 years ago

Awesome! I'd like to know more about that guitar lesson!

. I'm guessing he taught them three major chords (C, F, & G?). A lot of songs are just three chords.

I love Light-Brites! I just wish the images were working =[

That looks awesome. I wish I could live in the Bay Area!