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Pictures of your Paper/cardboard models Answered

Any pictures of all paper creations are allowed in this forum. It can be anything from paper knives to a cardboard guitar.


I also have an instructable coming out on how to make the paper butterfly knife (balisong)

new pics 101.jpgnew pics 103.jpg

can you make a tutorial on this paper butterfly knife? i real want t make 1

i'll take the parts to work tomorrow and get them on my computer so I can make a tutorial

sorry its taking so long on the tutorial for the knife, im missing one page of parts :/

I know this comment is a year old, but how long do you think it will take for you to be able to finish the balisong instructable, as I am very curious.

Nice ive made one too though I'm still getting the hang of making hard paper for stuff like this (hard paper is several layers of paper laminated together to form a fairly stiff paper board for those of you that don't know a reall good example is the functional paper fire arms from tacome1942 from youtube )

Very nice. I have made one myself... lemme see if I can find a picture...


are you sure thats not mine lol, looks just like it. You did a good job!

Thanks, I used cardstock on the whole thing, blue on the blade.

same here, except for the blue, thats a nice touch

heres some picks of a little fishing boat i put together a few weeks ago... it's probably the best one i've odne so far, and im pretty happy with it, even if i have missed a few parts (a big one would be the ENGINE. lol) anyways, i hope you guys like it, i can give you the links to it if you want.


Im going to take some picture of the shotgun im working on to post

I made instructables robot headphones from cardboard! Have a look at the instructable here:


oops..I got to remember not to post a third pic..cause I can never see the whole comment..Anyway, here is the barrel
Since I'm making this gun shoot, I have to keep the barrel hollow so I didn't put the tube ends on and I cut holes where I needed to

new pics 061.jpgnew pics 053.jpg

That is amazing! Please make an instructable on it...please!

Holy cows!!!! this thing is awesome !!! if the rest of this AK is like this it would be the coolest cardboard gun ever !! 5/5 so awesome !

Oh and a few more...I made the grip too
like the stock..the inside of the grip is reinforced with cardboard...the cardboard sticking out of the grip is there to make a strong attachment to the receiver

new pics 058.jpgnew pics 057.jpg

the cardboard I use is not corrugated so its like ultra thick and hard to cut

Is that from the paper instructions?

what paper instructions?

Wait it shoots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks, I read you were gonna post some things, can't wait to see what you got

 I'm working on an Fn Minimi But it's taking FOREVER!!! Your AK looks Uber mega detailed.

sweet, that should be nice
yeah..I did make some modifications (making it shoot) but I can't take credit for the detail in the design, you can make it using the pics here. This is the first gun I have ever made without designing it myself.

 Thanks man. I'm working on a revolver and FN Minnimi for a movie.

thats cool, I have always wanted to do that with a paper airplane

I'm planning on doing that too when I get some micro rc equipment

Well, my slideshow for my newest gun is taking while to publish or something, so i'll show everyone what it is for now.

Picture 103.jpgPicture 105.jpg

Awesome job! I could tell what it was when I looked at it!

Thanks, I got the slideshow posted now, it shows the assembly and stuff like that

Oh, and it is a Luger P08 Pistol

Hey everyone I have a knew gun to post on here, I wonder if anyone could guess what it is? (and no I havent finished the ak47 yet, im going to borrow and actual ak-47 from a friend and use it to model the receiver)

Is there a picture or something? Haha, how do I guess?

I guess I could help you out with a pic ;) but i'll use a description instead..here it is: its is a 9mm pistol, semi- automatic, uses 8 round box magazine, used by Germany in world war 1 and 2

im making an adjustable-stock Halo 3 ODST Silenced m7

To lay to make WIP pics right now :P

did i say lay? i meant lazy... I wish my battle rifle looked good nuff to post here...

 Nice! Can't wait for the pics :P

well... lets see... i made the body waaaaaaay to thin

 Just thicken it... if possible lol...