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Pie is not cake Answered

Nor is cake pie. Discuss.



Some people from up north call a pizza a pie, Never heard that till a snowbird came south to say they called it. The cheesecake is is supposed to be a cake, but I call it a pie. Trying to think when I heard a cake called a pie. Then again a pizza is a cousin of a cake. Ever tried olive oil cake?


Pi = 3.14159265.....

Cake = Lie

Lies are perfectly rational, but Pi is not.

Pi is a rational number, but numbers like the square root of 1 are not rational numbers.

Ok, now I'm intrigued. Exactly how is pi rational? I can't see any fraction that would give exactly pi, like this 22/7 business.

Oops, you are correct. I withdraw my hasty comment. Pi is irrational and the square root of one is actually an imaginary number. 33 years away from math will do that to you LOL

The square root of one is not imaginary, is it?

I thought that an imaginary number was a complex number that, when squared, its value is a real number not greater than zero ?

Just as the equation x2 + 1 = 0 has no real solution so it is that the square root of 1 hasn't, right ? But then again, 33 years away from the complex math table may have me all wet again.

Square root of negative one is imaginary ;p
Square root of 1 = 1.
I think, however, by technicality, the square root of one is complex, where b=0.

Ok, I stand corrected once more. And now I do kind of remember that. ( square root of 2 is irrational, square root of one - 1; the square root of -1 is imaginary); not that I will remember that past today, but thanks for reminding me :-)

Well Pi is a rational number In the sense that it can be written down... It'll just never finish... Stupid decimals, there's probably a fraction that works, it'll be a circle with a whole number as a diameter and circumference... it may or may not exist...

Such absolute statements have never been more or less than a spur to quicken my actions. My life will henceforth be dedicated to the invention of an exceptional foodstuff - something that is quintessentially pie, while also, and simultaneously, being the very paradigm of cake. Wish me luck. I shall return.

So what if you baked a cake in a pie shell, then iced it... It would be a pie, but you would be eating cake. And you could still have ice cream on it.

That's just crazy talk. Nobody really believes stuff like that.

pi is a number cake is delicious pi exists the cake is a lie see the differences?

What's funny is, that Kiteman already posted the same link.


10 years ago

Is bread cake?

Only if it is sweet, otherwise the whole exercise shall be deemed an act of falsification.

I'm just trying to see if my banana bread is eligible....

Hmmm...Maybe if you made it more as a cake, and not as a loaf... So far the penguin is winning for my birthday next week, but banana bread cake...sounds tasty...

So, to make it more of a cake, I'd double the recipe and put it in a 9 by 13 casserole dish?

I agree, I think it needs to be iced, in some way, to qualify for cake.

It could go well with a caramel icing... or banana

And add some sugar... ;-)

Just make sure it is not sweetbreads. Mad cow disease comes from those loafing around.

I say cheesecake is not cake, but no one believes me!

It is, cakes go hard when they're left out, cheesecake follows the rule. Biscuits go soft Cakes go hard Pies seem fine until the inside is opened, by this point it has usually fermented a bit (it has happened in a cup of coffee I left on my windowsill and then set something in the way, I finally notice and pour it out, under the crust the liquid had formed a strong alcoholic smell.) By this we can class many things, Jaffa cakes are usually described as biscuits in reality they are cakes. It's a complicated matter as the base of a cheesecake is actually biscuit however when left for a suitable length of time it will harden as the butter goes and then the biscuit will soften making the base seemingly unchanged except in taste (soft is also a taste sensation)

Cheesecake is a custard pie, which presumably will also get hard when left out.

No cheesecake is not a custard pie and doesn't technically involve custard. Cheesecake is left topless much of the time, at best you could call it a tart... Ok I couldn't help that but if's not cake it would be a tart however it's structure is more like a layered cake and it is consumed like a cake. Custard pies slowly get small and angry, they get to a slime stage with a thick film but never solidify.

I believe its a custard pie: It has egg yolks, cream cheese, sugar, and flavorings. Thus, all of its form comes from the protiens in egg & cream cheese, as there's no flours involved. Also, taking out the cream cheese and changing the flavorings, you'd get custard. Also, not all pies are topped!

I thought a tart was "loose woman"? :-) Oh yeah, one without a top normally....figures.

Probably a few giant redwoods any ways... Hopefully no poison ivy...

Yeah there are plenty of saucy sexy jokes in Killerjackelope's last post... e.g. "My favorite cheesecake girls are topless, tarty AND have cherries in all the right places." Some types of cheesecake, not all, resemble custard pies but personally I think the amount of cheese in a good cheesecake bumps it out of custardland (which is really just eggs, milk and sugar heated slowly then cooled). I'm w/ killerjackalope on this: the main point is, a pie refers to something that has a pre-made crust with some filling. A cake requires no crust. E.g. A cheesecake doesn't rely on a crust to hold its shape versus a lemon meringue pie, mince pie, shepherd's pie, shrimp pie, shrimp scampi, shrimp... wait, what? Here's hoping that Instructables will do a Pie Contest sometime too (say...around the summertime when all the good berries are in and it's perfect weather for a big scoop of vanilla ice cream melting all over a hot slice!!!)

Tell that to the local Amish LOL Their "wet bottomed" Shoo Fly Pie is definitely a pie, and needs no crust, top nor bottom.

Shoofly pie usually has a crust so it wouldn't make sense to call the crustless version a "cake". A cake as far as I'm concerned relies more on a leavening agent than a pie. Pie relies on a filling to give it body so even crustless pies are pretty much dense rounds of filling.

Right, my argument was that a pie is a pie, with crust or not. And lacking leaven to fluff it, the pie can't be considered a true "cake" even if it is misnomered as one ( i.e. Cheesecake)

Okay, we can agree its not cake. That's good enough :P

Bwana got here first, yeah pretty much, unless it's got that lattice over the top, then it's just pie again... I have no idea why we are arguing so much but it's fun...

Arguing is not fun! How dare you!
(hopes his subtle sarcasm was detected, and the joke is understood)

Anyway, just for fun, lets say that cheesecake is a custard tart. Your move.