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Pies!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

I LOVELOVELOVELOVE PIE!!!! Who here likes pie? Come on, you pie lovers!! Tell us all about your pie fantasies! Is your wife a Pie? Do you date a pie? Are you in love with a pie? Do you live in PIELAND? Tell us all your pie gibberish! P.S: NO ONE WILL BEAT MUH LOVE FOR PIE!!!! NO ONE!!!!!


Oh, come on! you too? I thought you were the nice guy.... uh.... I meant girl! that's right! Girl!

But you said the pie was good! :D Sorry for spamming, then...

I love Pie. Cherry pie. Rhubarb pie. Kidney pie. Blueberry pie. Apple pie. And, my personal favorite, pie that I hot-smoked over a wood fire. You call it heresy, I call it genius!

Yay! A Pie lover! We shalt rule thy world!!!! P.S: I LIKE PIE!!!!

Do you happen to dust your pie with a white powder that you buy from a streetcorner "spice" dealer? You're kinda acting like it.... Or have I discovered the secret ingredient!? Oh, noes!

No, I'm just a crazed Pie-sexual. I have a Pie wife, named Laura, and two beautiful Pie children, named Sophie and May. We live in a beautiful pie house made from the best chocolate and penis pie.

I like me a good cherry pie... Tarts are even better

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pies are da best!!!!!! Tarts can't even be compared to pie! PIE RULZ!!!!!!

What is the matter with you? You forgot all the wonderful pastries such as danishes!!! Actually the tart thing was a childish joke...

I'm just saying that pies beat tarts, and any other food for that matter. < spam > All hail pie < spam >

ok ok, pies are good, don't get me wrong, but when you say pie is the best that crosses the line. now, peanuts, ya.

ok ok, pies are good - Agreed

but when you say pie is the best that crosses the line. - DISagreed

Pies ARE the best, man.

PIE RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then go to hell, and don't give me any of that Randy Newman crap.

Yum, my mom's blueberry pie!