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Piezo Triggered LED lighting with a twist! Answered


There are already a few threads and topics on this site explaining how to hook up a piezo triggered light strip, however I'm looking to build a custom drum kit with particular lighting system and i can't find the info I need to build it.

Inside the drums I want a constant, static colour of my choice on the led strip (e.g. blue) and then the piezo trigger triggers that LED strip to to different colour (e.g. red) for a quick flash and then back to blue. I would also like to have control over which colour combinations I use, so if i want yellow drums with green flashes, i would hopefully be able change that with a remote.

Is there a circuit or a mod of an existing circuit that will handle my needs?



LED strips usually have three colored LED's , colors itself can vary though.

If you check for those RGB LED strips on Fleabuy you will notice two things:
a) The can be purchased on long rolls that can be cut to the desired lenght (within limits due to the LED's)

b) that you cheap inline controllers for them ;)

Combine a) and b) with a pransistor going to the piezo....

E.g.: Buy a roll of these lights and two controllers per drum.

Use one set of lights for each controller.

Controller a will be for the general color, controller b for the change when hitting the drum.

These controller will memorise the last setting with power, so when you switch off the power the last selected patter/color will be active again.

You can get the controller as a remote (wireless too) but you would require one two channels per drum, which for a drum kit will cause more problems than anything else.

But you could hook up the inline controllers to a panel close enough for you to press the buttons, after all you need a free hand for a remote anyway.

quick and dirty method, have one strip of LEDs that are constant and then the other color strip triggered by the piezo.

yeah, that was my initial thought too... i was just worried that the colours might clash or mix to make weird new combos