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Piezo triggered LED Strip with multiple static and flashing colour? Answered


There are already a few threads and topics on this site explaining how to hook up a piezo triggered light strip, however I'm looking to build a custom drum kit with particular lighting system and i can't find the info I need to build it. 

Inside the drums I want a constant, static colour of my choice on the led strip (e.g. blue) and then the piezo trigger triggers that LED strip to to different colour (e.g. red) for a quick flash and then back to blue. I would also like to have control over which colour combinations I use, so if i want yellow drums with green flashes, i would hopefully be able change that with a remote. 

Is there a circuit or a mod of an existing circuit that will handle my needs? 




Best Answer 3 years ago

Place a metal tin in your drum, screw tack it in add my dual magnet and the piezzoTap that gives a clear signal to a uP which you program for subsequent light patterns :-)


+10. Very neat idea. So neat, I'll have to try it.

This sounds like a job for neo-pixel tape, which will need a processor to drive it