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Pilot flies over English Channel with jetpack Answered

A Swiss pilot has crossed the English Chanel with a jet-powered wing. He started the trip by jumping out of a plane over Calais and landed with a parachute in Dover. All together, the whole flight lasted 10 minutes to make the 22 mile flight.

The 49-year-old flew on a plane to more than 8,200ft (2,500m), ignited jets on a wing on his back, and jumped out.

Mr Rossy had hoped to reach speeds of 125mph.

It felt "great, really great", said Mr Rossy: "I only have one word, thank you, to all the people who did it with me."

Hit the link to see the video.

Video of flight


That is so cool!

Now, the next thing they need to do is some how make takeoff and landing easier...

sounds like we got a ~~guinea pig~~ i mean ~~tester~~ i mean the next guy to do it

Forget him, I'll be the test subject! Ever since i saw this dude in PopSci a while back, I've soooooo wanted one of those! (I just wish it could hold at least an hours worth of fuel)

Did you mean:

sounds like we got a next guy to do it ????

that is mine now, i claim it it is mine ,no touching ....mine

Since he started at altitude, and ended at ground level, and from the looks of this rig and suit, I feel compelled to point out: "That's not flying, that's falling with style"



By the way..........this suit is amazingly uncomfortable.........coz the pilot's head must be straight, and he should be looking forward all the time.......it is really uncomfortable.....he must be looking forward at this high speed or ese he'll crash.........................it's like head unattached and fixed as a nosecone of a plane....i might get a really worst strain if i do that............brave pilot........


9 years ago

Imagine, flying down of the helicopter, then as your going real fast start to go down towards the ground, then tackle someone with it hahahhaha!

YO JOE! this thing looks like one of my favorite G.I. Joe vehicles as a kid.

Thank you is 2 words. Maybe he said it in Swiss and it's not.

He looks like buzz lightyear...

Imagine being able to use these for search and rescue missions.

I imagine the search and rescue teams looking for the pilots! This is slightly less demented than BASE jumping:) But more fun than a jet-pack, eh?

...with this current version yes it is demented, but it is a possibility with a future more stable model that it could be used in wide open areas to cover more ground than a single helicopter could....after all I did use the word imagine.

I can see this in the next James Bond movie, followed by military applications. Previously the only way to insert troops(long range) from the air, was a very high altitude jump. Now they can come in at ground level. Gotta find some of those jet engines :)

They used something similar in ... doh, the one with the stealth ship in it, bad guy was a newspaper publisher...

Bond and a female agent flew in under radar on aircraft this size, except they lay on top instead of hanging underneath.

As I recall, they were called "Switchblades" and they were basically gliders.

Ah-ha, thank you. I was looking for a picture of them.

Oh! They weren't props (I thought they were digitally added to the sky) - they are real aircraft!

saw the video the day it was done


I heard about this on NPR a couple of days ago and I kept meaning to look into it. I figured he'd look really ridiculous - but the suit is actually quite nice. :)

Old? He only did it today!

Sure, the wing is an old story, but this looks to be an improved model (the wings are longer, strapped in a different position, and they (and his suit) used to be red.

The point is, he has recreated the challenge that must be met by every new flight technology - crossing the Channel.

get with the program. todays news is old. tomorrows news is new.

Oh, sorry, my bad. I thought this was the same as your forum topic.

Same chap, new stunt.

I'm waiting for him to take off and land on foot, though.

As soon as he manages that, his wing will make him rich.

Ha-My name is Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace.

I thought your name was Adrian. I was mistaken.

So who got the fan-mail?

One shed turbine blade, and that becomes pieces...

The testing Rolls-Royce does on their engines looks fun.

Wasn't there a picture of Yves Rossy in a recent issue of Popular Science or something?


9 years ago

compleat nutter ill keep on two wheels

i would like to know if it really is possible to get a take off from the ground but i wonder if he added after burners to the jets for extra speed and wether he would use the whole of the wings for fuel and make them a little bigger for more lift and if he did have after burners would it be enough force to take off from a moving car. if this is possible that could be the coolest thing to do

You beat me to posting that little tidbit, I saw it earlier as well...

I'm impressed but it did make a good point, that thing is making the world smaller, it's probably cheaper to build run and maintain than a small light aircraft which will be a little slower and not carry very much...

Plus it looks more formidable than a microlite...

If they ever start being capable of take off and landing under their own steam they'll be a big thing.

That's why I liked my legs idea, stolen from gliders, some of which only have one wheel, however two wheels that drop down and some clever footwork would be a start.

As for taking off and landing speeds, well the wing is very basic and a set of fly by wire flaps on the wing could bring it closer to the reality of doing so, either that or a take off cart could be arranged, then they parachute to land...

if noones guessed what I want for Christmas yet then...