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Pimp your Production? Answered

Why not promote your small scale production, and the props you have made for it?

I belong to Chester Gang Show


There doesn't seem to be any video links or photos to show/describe what the troupe is doing. I can only surmise that it is a variety show of some sort? Comedy, drama. musical? Adults or youths? Scouts or co-ed? Amateur or Professional?

Anyway, you can look through my ibles for giant props, props and rehearsal cubes.

Scout gang-shows tend to follow a traditional formula - a mixture of group songs (the "gang" singing), and short sketches with silly punchlines, and maybe a few camp-fire stunts thrown in as well.


On the general scale of high art, a good gang-show, IMO, is somewhere between a traditional pantomime and out-takes from an episode of Monty Python.

Ah, I think we replaced that long ago with something called "reality TV".

Oops, I didn't realise this post appeared in the community forums, I thought it just appeared on the group I posted it to... Oh well you live and learn ;)

And a good thing too otherwise you'd not get much attention to it. (There's only yourself in this group)


It does. I think the rest of us irregulars that hang out see a list of all forum topics that have recent postings so it is just the timing that we see it. I have it set up with the custom button in Shortcuts on the top.