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Pin it Button! Did you see it! Answered

The Pin It Button is back!  You may not have noticed, but it is there.

It is pretty simple to use.
  • To see the button, hover over the image you want to pin.  Don't open the image.  You can pin the big images, and the images that are in rows of two.  Any more images in a row than that and it doesn't look like you can pin them.
  • Click the Pin It button.
  • This will open a new tab the same as the bookmark bar Pin It button works.
  • Pin the image.
  • Close the separate window.
  • You are done!
Please, PIN AWAY!



4 years ago

This really irritates me. Is there any way to disable it?

How does it irritate you may I ask? As far as I'm aware, no, there is not a way.

Well, I don't use pinterest and aren't interested in using it, so to have a 'pin it' icon constantly appear whenever I mouse over an image is just like someone running their nails down a blackboard.

Why don't we put a "add to Facebook" icon, a "tweet this" icon, a "tumblr needs this" icon, an "feed to instagram" icon, a "spam via whatsapp", a "link to vine, yo!" pic or a "add to you YT feed" icon?

Because that's ridiculous, yeah?

In my view Instructables should make it optional via account settings, or get rid of it. It's easy for users to add it themselves if they want it, via browser plug ins.

There is not a way to disable it at this time. It only shows up on the big images. If you see it more than that, it is because of an update Pinterest did for everyone who has the menubar Pinterest Button which causes every image to have a hoverover pinterest button.

This makes me so happy, I think I'm going to cry with joy!
Seriously! =,)

Woo! My "Need to make" board was feeling a little lonely without you!