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Pirate War Games Answered

I don't mean to self promote, but my friend and I came up with an idea for a game last spring. We quickly laid down general rules and guidelines in the form of a blogger site, but haven't been able to work towards it at all since we're both still students. I just remembered about it today (I've been quite busy this semester) when I posted a new 'ible and figured that everyone here on instructables would be the perfect group to take an interest in the game.

Our game is called "The Pirate Games" (see url by my username). It's sort of like how the military does war games, except DIYers and MAKErs play and pretend to be pirates. There is a treasure chest and boats and [paint] cannons. How could it get better? If it wasn't only conceptual at the moment.

Please feel free to share the site's URL, to start your own Pirate Games tournaments, or to make spin-offs of the game. I only ask that you link back to the site and share it. Also, let me know what you all think!

The URL again: http://therealpirategames.blogspot.com/


games are more interesting on this.

My apologies. I thought this was posted within one of my groups, and I accidentally marked it SPAM.

Did it get unmarked? And which groups are yours?

I've sent a note, and they shouldn't ACT on my mistake.

Hehe, that's a cracking idea - I would send the link to sailing clubs and the many Summer camps run near lakes in the US (they could play it on self-built rafts).