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Pixlr Photo Editor Not Working - is it only me? Answered

This post is not about the Pixlr editor that was removed from the site.

I use Pixlr express several times a week, and now it doesn't open up on any computer that I try. 

Is there a chance that you could try to access pixlr express and let me know if it works on your computer? I've tried a few so far on all browsers, updated flash, restarted, etc.

https://pixlr.com/express/ I just get a gray screen :(

Thank you!


It's been fixed!

It's gray AGAIN!!! (17/5/2018)

It works fine on my computer, try maybe clearing your cache?

It has been fixed, but I'm still planning on starting to use Photoshop since a relative of mine agreed to get it for me in exchange for a few things that I design...


Contacted Pixlr/Autodesk on Twitter but have yet to receive a reply...

Didn't know that. But the issue has been fixed!

No wonder this has been getting so many views... It's ranking #1 in Google search.