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Pixlr editor won't save edited image Answered

I'm trying to edit a photo from my library with Pixlr. I load it from my library into my project and from there I click on Edit. I can do the edits in Pixlr just fine, but when I try and save the edited image back to my library, I get a completely blank webpage with this address at the top:


The page doesn't try to load anything, it just sits there, and if I try and go back I go back to Pixlr with the unedited image. If I navigate back to my project, the image is left unedited.

I'm using Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m with Windows 8 on a laptop.

Thank you.


I have found a crappy, temporary work around for now since the Pixlr website doesn't have the options I need from the embedded editor:

1) Finish image editing, but don't try and save.

2) Make sure nothing is obscuring your image, but that it is as big as possible.

3) Screen grab it, then paste the image to an image editor that allows for cropping (I use MS Paint).

4) Crop out your image, save it, then load that cropped image to your I'ble library.

It's crappy, it works, but I prefer the Pixlr editor.

I've been using the website while I wait for this bug to be fixed: www.pixlr.com

You'll have to save the edited image to your computer and then upload it to your instructable.

Thank you so much for this!

I made an account several days ago (didn't know it isn't needed), and am experimenting with it. It's way better than the one from Instructables...

It took me about a minute to do this!:


All fixed!!

Hey There!

Sorry to see you're having trouble with the Pixlr editor. I'm here to say: It's not you, it's me. Er, them.

We've been in touch with the Pixlr team; it was a release of theirs that broke the image editor on Instructables. They have been working to tame some abuse of their own website recently, and in so doing they made a change that breaks all iframe implementations of pixlr express (of which Instructables' is one).

We reported this to them last week on Thursday, and they've been working on a fix that they hope to deploy today. When they do, it should all start working again. If you're keen to know what's going on, you can see when you first open the pixlr editor that it flashes in an iframe, then immediately reloads and your browser bar changes to "pixlr.com" instead of "instructables.com" while you're editing your image. That's not supposed to happen -- you're supposed to stay in context at instructables.com during editing. So the problem actually occurs when you first open your image, not when you hit save. But when you hit save, you can see the effects.

I'll update this thread if I hear anything new from them throughout the day. Thanks for letting us know about this!


All fixed!!

Thank you for your hard work!!

Thank you for the update.

Thanks for the update and all the hard work!

Hey there

I have the same problem I use Firefox with Windows 10. The edited picture doesn´t show up on my instructable intead there is just a blank page and I have to use the arrow to go back one page to get to my instructable with the unedited picture.

What can I do?

Same here with Windows 10. Restarting my computer didn't help...

That has happened a few times in the last few days for me too. But today, I was just finishing up an instructable by editing my cover photo in Pixlr, it wouldn't save the edits (went to a blank screen) and when I went back to my instructable, all the text was gone from my steps and photos that had been removed earlier were back - very discouraging...

Same here.

I had to use the website directly for my last instructable.