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Pizza toppings! Answered

Going to be making some pizza with my friends and having some drinks Wednesday. I made pizza loads of times before but would like to hear what toppings you like and can be made at home easily.

Try to think of one meat and one vegetarian.

The one that tickles our taste buds and that we make (Or as near to it as we can) will get the best answer!

Thanks everyone! =D


'"(Oh and pictures will be posted, But not a full ible)'"


  • veg: corn / artichoke hearts / avocado (placed on pizza once out of the oven)
  • meat: crab / bacon / spicy bbq style sausage

yum, save me a slice!

meat: linguisa, salami, pepperoni, canadian bacon, bacon, steak, mozarella, montery jack vegetarian: roma tomatoes, portabello mushrooms, bell peppers, vidalia onions, artichoke hearts, mozarella, feta, swiss

not knowing what linguisa was I did a little research on our friend google, check out the first hit....yikes!

in case it didn't work here's the direct link.

Here is a new link to Linguisa if anyone is interested

That link says its not all unsafe to eat - just the stuff from that plant.

yes, I know. did you read the rest of the article?
I find it funny that in my search the first hit was of some horror story about murder.. I mean, all I wanted to know was what linguisa was!. Instead I got a whack-job with a triple homicide over sausages. bizarre!

this is true :D random thought: I wonder if googling random foods will come up with homicide to some extent.

Be careful. Some recipe items such as "Brown Sugar" and "Honey" gave my wife an unanticipated result, when she was hunting for recipes by ingredients on hand.

ouch...I totally forgot about food porn.

goes with all foods though, not properly handled....well you know. btw hand tossed, thin crust, or pan??? lol

I'm such a sucker for pizza I'll take it however it comes, I don't discriminate. I'll even do a calzone.

Linguisa Pizza and Buffalo Chicken Pizza are my favorites. Yet i haven't made Linguisa myself before, my X introduced it to me when she lived in Massachusetts. I make BCP though almost every friday (Pizza Night), as it is pretty easy. When I make it tomorrow, I'll post an instructable with pictures for anyone interested. I can post a link here if author would like or anyone else that is

Meat: Pulled pork, jack daniels barbecue sauce, banana peppers and jack cheese.

I tried a classic recipe with a blend of cheese, some bottle pizza sauce that was spiced to improve flavor, but what made the difference was fresh basil, mint, and feta cheese. It gave a Greek flavor. For ideas on foods, I often find a classic and look to a geographic area that is close to the home of the food and combine two related flavors. Such as in this case, Italian sauce and Greek spice undertones.

Broccoli, walnuts, and raisins (I think that's what Bel Canto used to refer to as a TCB). Chocolate chip pizza works better than you might expect. Chocolate chip and anchovy is about as bad as it sounds, even for folks who like anchoives.

RAISINS! I once found raisins in a curry and was not amused. The thought of wrinkly little sweet blobs with lovely savoury, creamy, spicy, curry makes me cringe. That's only my opinion though! ;) Still not 100% on the chocolate, may try it someday though. Thanks for the ideas!

Raisins can work in curry, but I think it's one of those old 70's cookbook things that you may have eaten - in the right proportion, in the right way they can work well. L

Chilli is always good, very finely shredded Scotch Bonnet or Habanero (razor-blade type of finely)
Anchovies too...


I put chillies in the sauce, Not very much though and they were only red chillies. The combination of heat and the taste of anchovies is quite an inviting one!

I think so, but you've got to be careful how much of each you use (balance) L

In England they do tuna and sweetcorn pizza which I belive is vegetarian??? Maybe not vegan? I never know who draws the line where. GREAT vegan pizza if they still do dairy: alfredo sauce with cooked spinach and mozzarella. Meat pizza favorite is grilled ham and pineapple. VERY yummy! MUST use pineapple rings or chunks, definitely NOT as good with crushed.

That would be fine for pescetarians like me and my friend, I've never seen tuna and sweetcorn pizza for sale over here but I just them quite offen with that very topping. Ham & pineapple is classic winner!

Pizza Hut in England has tuna and sweetcorn pizza. I had no idea you were IN England. :) I lived there for 5 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although tuna and sweetcorn pizza was NOT on my list of favs. :)

Ah, I don't eat fastfood so I wouldn't know!

I love living here, I wouldn't trade it for anything and we've got the old town festival going on this week so it's even better. The weather isn't always that great but that doesn't bother me at all.


My favourite meat pizza: Taco pizza - If you care to, replace sauce with favourite taco salsa, chunky is fine and wonderful. Heck, use both sauces :D. Cooked seasoned taco beef, diced peppers (lots of colours for prettyness and flavour), diced white onion, cheddar and mozza. If you don't like spicy, then mild banana peppers are really tasty, if you like spicy, add some jalepenos. vegetarian version: Same as above, use soy beef substitute.

Hmm, I never heard of taco beef. Is that the stuff you get in tube shapes? Sounds yummy!



ground beef (or your meat of choice) seasoned with various goodness - salty, chili powder is a primary ingredient.

Ah, Thanks for explaining that one to me!

Ohh, First off I got drunker than expected so pictures were forgotten :( The dough was one of the best I've ever made, It was delicious! I made the dough as wet as I could and just kept kneading and looked great, Put it in a bowl and left it up in the loft (The hottest place in the house) And it was well happy up there, The dough more than doubled and took ages to kneed back down. The sauce to go on the base was amazing, I took a tin of plum tomatoes and chopped them up finely, Then I minced two cloves of garlic and fried them in oil some a pinch of mixed herbs, I then added the chopped tomatoes to this and then used the technique of making a ketchup, I added a good pinch or two of brown sugar and a nice glug of balsamic vinegar to give it that sweet acidic taste! Right the topping we choose went right out the window, We ended up using red and green peppers nice and chunky, Courgettes grown from our garden, Soya based mince sprinkled over and then some blobs of cream cheese and then some blobs of pesto all covered with three grated chesses, I think there was a classic english cheddar, A apple smoked cheese and a red leicester which had small bits of onion in it. When ended up up dining al fresco due the the weather still being so nice at 9pm, We ate the pizzas with homemade potato wedges with lemon mayo. As lovely as all that was It's left my with a problem, It doesn't match any of the answers so instead I'm going to pick the one that has inspired me most for next time. (Which is only a week or two away) Thank for all your answers!

Some great suggestions so far everyone! I got some good ideas now and we will decide on a best answer as a group tomorrow evening.