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Plans or a place to order a bike rack for a 4-wheeler Answered

Hey Folks,

I'm looking for plans or a how-to for building a bicycle rack that mounts to a standard rear rack on a 4-wheeler. I looked a ball-mount hitch type bicycle racks (4-wheeler doesn't have a receiver hitch) for vehicles and they aren't going work. Ideally I'd like it to hold 2 bikes, but at this point I'd take anything. I just can't seem to find anything.



how about getting a conventional trunk mount bike rack. They are clipped or strapped to the trunk or liftback edges. You might be able to just add some aluminum or steel tubes crimped at the ends to bolt through with some pipe clamps to you rear rack. That would provide additional support and fix it to the existing rear rack. Not sure if the weight extending back the tail would throw the 4-wheeler off balance. Good luck.