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Plans to build a "HIGH HEEL SHOE CHAIR" out off wood and material for a small project that i am working on in my shop. Answered


That's is an interesting idea. Is there a question you are wanting to ask. This is the Question and Answer section of the site.

Hi, sorry i took so long to get back to you. I have been looking for set of plans on how to build a "HIGH HEEL SHOE CHAIR" . I saw the chair on EBAY but nobody seems to know where to get the plans. Please HELP ME ?.

You'll have to make it up as you go. Doubt you'll find actual plans for one anywhere. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply! I wonder why it is so secretive, it's just plans to a chair like anyother chair you can get plans for.??????.

It's not secretive. It's just one of those things where no one cared enough to make there own and show how it was done. Also most companies don't post there designs online like that. Not to mention a High Heel shoe chair isn't what you could consider a popular choice fro chairs. Its more of a novelty item.