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Plant donations for vivarium/ plant scape? Answered

Im working on putting together a small viv with running water and small plants and was wondering if any members had any plants they would be willing to donate to me(:
im looking for any freebees but im mainly on the lookout for grassy/ mossy short  smallish plants like hairgrass, java moss, riccia
if no one has any freebees if anyone can point me to somewhere where i can get some of the plants that im looking for without having to join another forum and become someones friend :p
id also be willing to pay for shipping!
located in SoCal
Thank You


I was thinking plants only with running water but maybe some dartfrogs later on
Im looking for some aquarium and easily obtainable plants not anything exotic just basic stuff because i know most aquarium plants can thrive in a wet and humid enough enviroment ill probably pick up some bromeliads also for the background and look into more mosses for ground cover and such but rightnow in leaning more towards java frogbit and riccia let me know if you can help any thanks!

Is it going to be plants only?

Why can't you go outdoors and collect some plants yourself?

My science clubbers built a very successful bottle garden with mosses and other small plants they collected from the school garden. It was in a large sweet-jar on its side, and they arranged the "landscape" within so that water drained to a small pool, then sealed it up airtight.

It lasted fit and healthy for several months, then school finished for the year, and the jar went home with a child.

The advantage of collecting your own is that the plants (and animals - we discovered several arthropods and snails in our jar) you collect will be reasonably well adapted to each other's presence, and won't kill each other off as soon as your back is turned.

Southern California isn't exactly prime territory for finding terrarium-type plants if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the reply!

This is going to be an open top tank so, I dont want anything that I cannot control I want to have something I can maintain and won't have to worry about little critters crawling around so far I'm just looking into it being plants and maybe later add some tenants but thats just a thought so just plants for now.

I know im being a little picky but hey doesn't hurt to ask right!(:

Thanks again though