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Plasma Rifle Charity Auction Answered

Hi there, i though i would post this here, as to draw attention, and also allow discussion.

Due to making more and more items, i am running out of room.

so, sadly, i am going to be selling my loved plasma rifle.

You can see the construction and build quality here *Plasma Rifle -ible*

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to Crimestoppers, who help out with a lot of anti-knife and gun crime over here in the UK, whom also happen to be having an anti-kife and gun week soon. the charity can be found here Crimestoppers

I think the best way to sell this, is with a private auction. Basically, send me a private message, and the highest amount wins.

The auction will end next saturday at 1.00am BST

(note - if the private auction does not work, or for some reason not permitted i will then post the item on ebay)

The rifle itself makes for a great conversation piece, to sit as part of your collection. Or for use in your latest indie film!

Thanks for reading.


ps, this i also posted this topic under market place, but i wasn't sure wether that was the right place, or here.


This would go better in the marketplace

im currently negotiating with a private buyer,