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Plasma ball with Giant vodka Bottle? Answered


I am thinking of using a Giant 3 litre Smirnoff vodka bottle  as shown in the link below:


To make a Plasma globe but inside the bottle. I need some sort of high voltage supply and an electrode but aren't sure what else .

The main Problem I can see is creating a vacuum inside the bottle . as I don't have a vacuum pump.

Does anyone have any tips on how to create a vacuum inside the bottle?

Also would an inert gas work instead.

Any help appreciated 




I really wouldn't try to vac it down - even -10PSI applied over a bottle that size and not designed for it may make it implode.


5 years ago

Have you seen this instructable which can help you with the high voltage ?

You can use an inert gas like argon in it. Argon will glow blue once charged.

Won't I still need a method to empty the existing air out of the bottle , i.e. vacuum ) ,before I can fill it with inert gas.


The plasma ball will work with air in it it just won't be as good and bright as it would be with another gas inside. But you can certainly ignite a hand torch in the mouth of the bottle to help burn off the oxygen as much as possible before sticking a tube from your bottle of inert gas into the glass bottle and fill it up. Even sticking the tub for the gas into the bottle then turning the gas on high will fill the bottle and help force access air out. Then you can quickly seal the bottle off.

Here check this out.