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Plaster Picture Frames Answered

I nderstand 'GOOD' picture frqames are made of wood with a plaster coveribg, finished with gesso (sp). My thought is to build some using drywall compound as the plaster bt draggibg a metal guide over the wooden base? Am I totally off track OR has anyone had any experience with this. Carpe Ductum


Gesso is basically plaster mixed with glue-it makes a very smooth primer coat. I've seen plaster moldings remade on 'this old house,' and have made my own gesso (but not tried any from the store). The plaster moldings were made with a shaped trowel dragged over wet plaster (some extra fibers were added so that the plaster was stronger-sort of like fiberglass). When the plaster dried, another layer was added and troweled to fill in any (lots) of holes or blank spots.

The only reason "good" pictures frames had plaster one them was to spped up their manufacturing. Instead of carving floral patterns in wood, they simplt cast the plaster pieces and attached them to a simpler wood frame. THe gesso was just a primer for the paint back int he day. FYI

. Not sure it would actually work, but it sounds like it ought to. Worth experimenting with. Don't get the compound too thick or it will crack when it dries. Let it dry very thoroughly before applying whatever gesso is.