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Plastic Tote Bin LIDS reuse ideas needed Answered

I have 25 plastic tote bin lids that are headed to the land fill.
Does anyone have any ideas for reuse instead of throwing them out?



6 years ago

Why not try and make a sunscreen out of them?
Al you would need is a bunch of ty-rip to make them hold togheter.
For a pole, you could use something you find lying around the house.
Or you could fix them between two walls like a rooftop sunscreen?

Use them for art works like gigantic mosaic paintings?
Cut them up so you get all kinds of shapes and bits, lay them out in a nice manner to get something abstract or paint something in black and white and try to make a mosaic style thingamajingy?

Turn it into kids armour using templates and / or your imagination.
Garanteed instant coolness factor +1.
You could also use it yourself, but only when your drunk or making a movie...

How about fixing some ropes on one side so you can use them as sliding boards during wintertime?
Not sure how big these lids are, but if your butt fits on it, why not?

Turn the lids into boxes.
Using tyrips and some scissors, i think its not going to be a difficult project.

You could make massive frisbees out of them.
Not sure if they fly well though...

Just think of the lids as raw material and the ideas wil pop up in no time.
Hope you post some "made" projects ;-)


6 years ago

Use them as source material for things. The first thing that comes to mind is make a trash can/tote out of them. Just look aroundon here, I'm sure you'll see something you could use them for.


Reply 6 years ago

That would be my advice as well - looking at the links posted by the author, the grey ones might do service as trays at a party or BBQ, but otherwise they're probably best seen as a source of useful sheets of plastic.


6 years ago

Any chance of a photo of the lids (or of at least one lid, anyway)?


Reply 6 years ago

Some are like this lid

some look like this