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Plastic containers that have #2 on bottom. Who knows of a bonding agent? Answered

I have tried several different rods with my plastics welder, super glue, two part epoxy and bondo. Something to bond #5 plastic containers would be helpful.


Here is what I have learned since asking. Loctite Plastic Bonder is the choice for real small jobs. Welding for #5. I just had difficulty finding the correct temp. I tried Solder-It Plastic Weld without success on #2. So I'll just build stuff with #5. Thanks for all the answers.

How about bolts, with a good-sized washer on either end?

any glue, just sand where you want to bond it

Tam Tech Adhesive -or- 3M's Scotch-WeldTM Structural Plastic Adhesive DP-8005


Those numbers tell you what the material is made of:

#2 = HDPE = high density polyethelyne (Bottles and Plastic Bags)
#5 = PP = Auto parts, industrial fibers, food containers, and dishware

You should be able to heat-weld both (not with each other). I'm searching but my internet is semi-down right now (for a glue).