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Plastic origami earth puzzle. Template and instructions needed.? Answered

Template and Instructions needed for The Dave Swart earth puzzle. Plastic tesselations rather like the IQ Light. Goemetery models and slide together are similar



Best Answer 7 years ago

here is the other earth model which has more of a IQ light feel to it.

If you follow the link provided by Re-design, there are instructions there which might be easier then cutting up the 60 pieces into a jumbled mess.

Dave Swart

Thanks to you both I love all your work. I had seen this site before and I dont know how to print from Flikre I also cant see how it goes together.This type of thing may not be new but it's all new to me. Appreciate your reply.

In the description of the Flickr page for the pattern there should be a link that says "download", this will save the file at the original large resolution. Open the file and print it on as large a piece of paper as you can.


7 years ago

not origami.....

Here is the pattern.  It should be self explanatory once you print it and get it cut out.