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Plastics modeling techniques? Answered

hey im and architecture student and im wanting to experient with a moldable plastic (in model building) to design a sculptural screen wall. To replicate a "nurbs" surface that is digitally modeled, so its all wavey and stuff. If anyone has any suggestions on material or modeling techniques let me know! thanks



10 years ago

i ended up making like a fan style thing and then put metal mesh over it.. then i needed it to be shaded so i painted watered down latex on it to give it a pixelated shadow effect. it was a total long shot but it actually turned out pretty sweet, ill post a pic up.

See if you can find this air hardening polymer clay. Create a "stamp" of your wall pattern from the clay. You can then use that to replicate a section of wall by impressing it and repeating the pattern into a sheet of new clay. The stuff does dry rock hard and the only thing to be aware of is that it may crack if it dries/cures too fast if the piece is very thick or too dry.

Hmm my friend and I both built architectural pieces for our art coursework, a combination of mod roc (like plaster paris but can be smothed and hold structures well.), Foamboard or mounting board, I had a bit of vacuum forming, there was wood involved and I used wire to create parts of the structure, they were impressive in the end, he made his as unfinished modroc and I plastered mine and sanded much of the outer surfaces down to a smooth touch.