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Platform for dog in back seat of car? Answered

Our dog likes to lay his front half on the armrest between us in the front seat of the car. But his back half is not comfortable. We want to make a portable/collapsable box that will extend from the arm rest to the back seat with supports on the sides that go over the hump on the floor. Kind of an inverted T shape with supports on each side. Need the supports to fold up somehow so we can store it in the trunk. Appreciate any help!


Get some cardboard (box) scissors & tape:try to make what you want. This will help to form ideas with respect to your dog and your car. When you've got something you like - you'll probably be able to think of rebuilding it in a different material, or maybe just strengthening what you have. L

. How about a piece of plywood/MDF, long enough to stretch from the back of the armrest to the backseat cushion. Folding (hinges?) legs (2x4s?) in front and a spacer (foam pad?) between the rear seat cushion. The front of the seat cushion will provide support in the middle of the platform. Paint to match your car interior.