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Play Guitar with cut off finger tip Answered

I cut of my left middle finger tip, and wanted to protect it while healing, and wanted to extend my finger some way so as not to have to retrain my old brain and finger, so did what is shown on the MS Word attachment (Text  and photo's showing "how to" with low cost materials).  Now to get back to playing the guitar!!  Hope this helps someone else by saving time and energy on poor or expensive options.


WOW! You have the exact same injury as me on the same finger. My nail also rolled over the tip of my finger. I will try this for sure! Thank you!

I'm not a doctor but I guess you are creating a prosthetic device to compensate for the missing part of the finger. I did not look close to see how much of your finger that you lost(I'm kinda squeamish) nor can I comment on any medical merit on the use of such device. You should break out your document and put it in a step by step instructable. Upload the images and then attach to your instructable. Good luck.