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Play button on dvd player not responding. Answered

Hello there, I have a question. I have a dvd player Philips dvp 520. The Play button and the Stop button are not responding any more. Does anybody know where to start looking for the problem? Is it possible to find a wiring diagram somewhere? Remote working, ejection button fine.

If anybody could help me out, i d b very grateful.


Jack A Lopez

3 days ago

I am guessing you are referring to the Play button and Stop button, on the player itself, rather than the buttons on the remote. That is because you said, "Remote working..."

Usually the buttons on the player itself are these little, square, momentary push-button, switches, and they are mounted on a circuit board, which itself is mounted on the front of the player.

Also there are layers of flexible plastic pieces on top of that, and it is those pieces of moving plastic that actually push the push-button switches, on the circuit board behind, or beneath, them.

The moving plastic is there, mostly for cosmetic, somewhat for protective, purposes. Sometimes those moving plastic pieces can get jammed, or broken, or something that prevents them from successfully pushing the push-button switches, on the circuit board behind/beneath.

Regarding the push buttons, these kind usually look like the ones in this picture,

and this page, at sparkfun,
I think does a good job of explaining how push-button switches work.

Regarding wiring diagram, the usual place to check for that is a "service manual", and I found this link, at manualslib,
by asking DuckDuckGo to show me, "service manual for philips dvp 520"


6 days ago

Start by just measuring the resistence of the affected button in comparison to the working ones.
I suspect that the same rubber and graphite combo is used as on the remote.
If the resistance on the working buttons is quite low but extreme high on the faulty ones:
Take the pads off and clean both surface carefully with soapy water - preferably in a controlled way like using cotton buds or similar.
Test again and if still no good check the tutorials on how to repair faulty buttons on remote controls - or ask here again ;)


Reply 5 days ago

Hi Downunder , thanks for your advice. I will check the resistance first. The tutorials you mention, where can I find them(all a little new to me).
thanks again.