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Please Help! Answered

I hear random clicking noises, breathing, and walking through my computer speakers and I don't know how to fix this! Please help! I am using windows vista.


I bet your microphone is turned on and is playing back the ambient noise in the surrounding environment. Turn it off and reboot, then call me in the morning. :p

Some monitors have built-in microphones (I discovered this when I had the exact same thing happen to me). Try going in through your system sound settings and checking for an active microphone. Failing that, check what programs and background services are running.

If you're on a laptop, look above your screen - one or more small round windows means "webcam", and one or more tiny holes, maybe even smaller than a millimetre, means "microphone".

If you have the holes, rub your finger over them - does the sound change?

I'm sorry... what?

You're a basic coder and you're hearing "clicking noises, breathing and walking" through your computer speakers?!

I think you need to get some sleep...

Well there must be some reason...

1. It could be interference from any number of things (cell phones etc). If they're external speakers, try moving them and see if it makes a difference and/or move any other electronic devices away from the speakers to see if that solves it.

2. It could be a virus. Its not the first time I've heard people saying they started hearing the radio and other random sounds playing when there was no reason for it. So make sure that you run a scan (for viruses, malware etc) in case that's the problem.