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Please Help, CHROME issues: Why does my google chrome crash if ever I download any PDF only instructable? Answered




8 years ago

 Thanks for your reply. I posted it on the bugs page already and gave a report to google thru the browser reply 3X. Maybe it will fix itself next week. Right now I just use the view all pages and print using my pdf printer from acrobat. THe images don't come out if theyre tag, but that is ok. 

Adobe's embedded viewers have had problems ever since they started providing them for Netscape style product and IE, all the way back into the 1990s... At least on the PC. Their standalone doesn't seem to have the problem though, so once you've got the pdf downloaded, everything *should be fine.

 Although, you might post this in the bugs section of communitity.  There was an issued with the dpf's the other day and it might be a problem with the pdf.

I was able to download a pdf using chrome just now.

The usual suspects,

Your copy of chrome might not have installed properly,

You might not have enough memory,

The particular pdf might have been corrupted and since windows tries to show the pdf as it is loading corrupted or very large pdf's often cause problems.

Good luck.

I think you might get better help if you go to google chrome support.  They are looking for the bugs in chrome and will probably want to know that you are having problems.

It's not that I don't want to help you, it's just that the know the product and if it is a bug it would be better if they knew about it. 

I've just started looking at chrome but it's not on this machine.  I'll check later.