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[Please Help Me] [Arduino Code] RC Controller Motor Driver + NRF24l01 + PS3 Controller [Need Help**] [Please Read] Answered

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Dear Genius...

I don't have any arduino programming knowledge, only have some basic knowledge.

But i want to build a remote control car, long range. and i have purchase all hardware requirement as per my idea. the idea/concept is describe below.

Hardware: 2x arduino (UNO/Mega), 2x long range nrf24l01, USB Host Shield, Bluetooth Dongle, PS3 Controller, Motor Driver (Monster Moto Shield VNH2SP30/L298N).

Use 2pcs arduino, one as receiver and another one as transmitter.

Use 2pcs nrf24l01 to communicate between this two arduino.

Receiver:- Arduino[1] connected with motor driver & nrf24l01[1],

Transmitter:- Arduino[2] connected with Usb Host Shield, nrf24l01[2], bluetooth dongle, ps3 controller

Want to use a PS3 Controller to control the car.

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iceng (author)2018-02-05

Can you tell the weight of the Car?
The speed ?
The distance you want to travel ?
The power source you want to use ?
The drive motor you plan to use ?
Please ...

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Shilon (author)iceng2018-02-07

weight little heavy around 15 to 20 kg
speed around 200 to 500 rpm
distance maximum 1500m for now
power source 18650 pack 3s or 4s
drive motor.. A58SW31ZY or ZGB102FH or ZGB102FGG or high torque motor

but this is secondary... primary is the transmitter and receiver setup...

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Shilon (author)Shilon2018-02-07

distance maximum 1100m for now

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