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Please Help me to design this electronics Project? Very Urgent!!!? Answered

Help me to do this electronics Project? Very Urgent!!!?
As part of my course curriculum I have to do a Hobby Project. While searching of it i come across one miscellaneous work in electronics with the use of Cathode ray oscilloscope. What i saw was an electronics event in India, so i cant approach them for help. I have some idea in doing it. The project is to make a moving Lissajous pattern in CRO.
I know how to make that Lissajous Pattern, can be made using a capacitor and resistor circuit(for phase difference between signals,then only an elliptical shape can be made) and input from source and output from resistor will be given to X and Y channels of CRO respectively. But How can i make that moving Pattern. Please go through that site and help me to design its circuit. I think it needs a summing amplifier to sum two signals for movement.
Some hints are given in the site.
please check this link below...
I am waiting for valuable replies and help to get good marks. Last date of submission is day after tomorrow. Yesterday i saw this idea. This will be really interesting and no one would do like dis. For familiarizing CRO and simple components this would be nice. This is what our university wants. So Please help me to design.Our projects must be interesting and miscellaneous..
Its urgent Please!!!!!!!


Email Me: hellotech01@ymail.com


"I am waiting for valuable replies and help to get good marks. " For a good read, see; Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged. I think you might fit the bill.

If it's urgent you should have started on this sooner. If this is a speed assignment on retrieving information off the internet I'd be interested to know where else you've asked the question? I see it twice in Yahoo answers. L

FOR A UNIVERSITY PROJECT ???? And answered only in the last week.... We did this in the first week at University, back in the day.

We're not helping you with your homework. Go back to your schoolbooks and work it out for yourself, please. You might also reconsider sharing your email here. Not really a wise decision dropping your email address on a very public forum.

You're a university-level student and you couldn't find this with google?