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Please: Unpublish My Two Deleted Instructables Answered

I deleted two Instructables, but forgot to unpublish them, before deleting.

For those of you who are not aware of this, an Instructable should be unpublished, before being deleted:

Click the "Publish" tab, then scroll down to the "Unpublish" button. Then return to the edit page to delete the unwanted Instructable.
I botched this by erroneously thinking that "unpublish" and "delete" were one in the same. 

Here are the deleted, but still published Instructables:


But  this deleted one continues to appear at the top of the Google searches and continues to send internet users to a dead end, a blank page:


Here is my current, and correct Instructable, but is crowded out of the internet search engines by the above deleted Instructable:


I have already been informed by the Instructables staff that is probably an automatic filter issue, and that they would catch it after Labor Day and that they would unpublish and clear out the deleted Instructables, but this still hasn't happened yet.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



I believe I deleted the 1st Instructable Friday, August 30th, and deleted the 2nd Instructable Saturday, August 31st.
Similar keywords were used on the 3rd (and present) Instructable.
And I was talking with Kiteman, who I now know is with the Community Team, and not Instructables Staff.
Kiteman did advise me to just wait, as Instructables would correct this, when the staff would be back in their offices, after Labor Day.
Should I just wait it out a little longer on this one?

It's probably a caching issue. When did you delete those others projects? Did you use the same keywords on your new project?

Also, can you please PM me who you were talking to on Staff about this?

That was probably me.

(@Shastalore, I'm Community Team, not Staff.)

(I was just telling him to be patient...)